Two Songjiang villages honored for ecological protection

Two villages in Songjiang District, Dongxia and Nanyang, were recently chosen as Shanghai’s exemplary units for ecological protection village revitalization in 2019.

Natural resources nurture these two rural areas. Most parts of Dongxia are located in the Level-2 water conservation area, which has boosted the village’s greenery rate to almost 65 percent.

“We are going through a three-year campaign to treat our living environment,” Tao Lifeng, Party secretary of the village, explained. “We sort out the garbage for recycling as well as cutting down the amount of trash generated and develop green agriculture. Now, 20 of our farms have the green certification.”

Nanyang Village, on the other hand, promotes agricultural tourism. Its 146,667-square-meter peony garden is the largest and has the most variety of the flower in Shanghai.

There are more than 40,000 pieces of peonies, with 16 of them more than 100 years old.

Apart from the peonies, the lotus base, covering 200,000 square meters, is also a tourist attraction in July.

Matching facilities, like accommodation and other amusement events, are also improving.

“We are planning parks as family trip destinations and a cultural corridor on the west side of Sishengzhi River and a homestay area on the east side,” said Zhao Hongli, deputy Party secretary of Nanyang.

The integration of ecology and industry is a sustainable path for village revitalization here.