Belt and Road Brazil group visits Songjiang

A “Belt and Road” Brazilian commercial visit group was in Songjiang recently to strengthen cooperation ties following its last trip to Shanghai for the China International Import Expo in 2018.

Over 40 representatives from local enterprises, including Bangbang Robotics, Le Cake and Vedan, talked face to face with the Brazilian guests.

“We are looking forward to expanding our presence in the Brazilian market and the exchange has helped us understand the market and search for proper business partners,” said Li Yujiao, market development manager of Bangbang Robotics.

“Songjiang had made a good impression on me and we hope to carry out substantial work together on trade,” said Levi Martins, a member of the visiting group.

The suburban district has been promoting export-oriented economy.

It is currently home to almost 5,000 foreign-invested companies, including Hans Grohe, Johnson Matthey, Thyssenkrupp and Nestlé, making up 70 percent of the district’s total industrial output.