Songjiang hosts city orienteering challenge

The China Coordinates City Orienteering Challenge held its Songjiang competition on May 25.

Over 500 outdoor sport lovers in 107 teams gathered at Happy Valley to compete.

Participants had to obtain passes in different spots of the city, not knowing what the overall route was in advance. They only knew what the next destination was after getting clues at the first spot.

Transportation options included subway, tramline or on foot, but no taxi or sharing bikes.

The event was first held in Shanghai in 2011 and was later upgraded to a national level in 2016. A dozen cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou and Nanchang, carried out the activity at the same time.

The Songjiang competition this year covered landmarks such as Sheshan National Tourism Resort, University Town and Songjiang New City, which is in line with the suburban district’s plan to promote sport, tourism and ecology together.