Cultural activity center wraps up foundation engineering work

The Songjiang Cultural Activity Center is about to wrap up its foundation engineering, the most difficult part of the construction, and move on to above-ground work next month.

The project, covering a total floor area of 63,000 square meters, will rise to become the district’s cultural landmark with a museum, a cultural hall and a theater when it is completed in 2020.

The work began in November 2017 and has so far been underground to lay the foundation and structure, according to Zhuang Jinxing, project manager of Shanghai Chengtong Railway Transportation Investment and Development Co Ltd.

“We have dug down to 20 meters to meet the need for the theater stage,” he said.

The decoration and equipment installation process is also going on well.

The wave-like roof will connect buildings within the project while a bridge will be constructed later as passage between the center and Zuibaichi Park across the river.