Yexie Town excelling in garbage sorting

Yexie Town villagers are quickly learning the measures to sort and process household garbage, cutting the daily waste transportation in half and boosting ecological agriculture.

The town, in suburban Songjiang District, is one of the first to separate wet and dry garbage for recycling. Wet garbage, also known as organic garbage, is poured into a manure pool and then put back into the fields as fertilizer.

“After five months of fermenting, the trash will turn into something similar to soil in texture and will be rich in nutrition that will help crops to grow,” said Zhao Jianfeng, a director of the Yexie local community service center.

Damiao Village, for example, produces 1.3 tons of garbage every day, but after the implementation of the project, the number has fallen by 55 percent.

The pools in the village can make more than 10 tons of organic fertilizers every year and provide free manure for farmers.

Several sets of trash cans for dry and wet garbage respectively have been placed around the village for easy collection while more than 40 percent of villagers can sort out the waste at the source.