Big data industrial park starts operation to serve intelligent manufacturing

The QNet Open Big Data Industrial Park was announced to be operational at a recently-held big data forum in Songjiang District.

The forum, jointly hosted by Data Center Science, Shanghai Academy of Open Big Data, Shanghai Big Data Alliance and Shanghai Supercomputer Center, aims to promote the industrial value of big data in the field of intelligent manufacturing while facilitating the integrated development of the real economy and digital economy.

As the country’s first intelligent industrial 4.0 big data park, it has two individual data centers that house more than 4,000 server cabinets with a total electric capacity of 40,000 kVA. The park will provide services such as reliable data collection, processing, mining and analysis to the intelligent manufacturing companies.

Also, the park is equipped with self-developed intelligent operation and maintenance platform and green energy technologies to meet the park’s needs of diversified energy supply.

The development of the Industrial Internet depends on the digitalization of each step of the manufacturing industry, including putting on sensors on the industrial equipment of every sort to collect large volumes of data produced during the manufacturing process, in order to detect potential risks, increase the production efficiency, and reduce the operation risks.

The factories will be the most important sources that produce important data, and the professional data center will become the infrastructure of the industrial internet.

Currently, the country’s data centers mainly serve the consumption domains and industries such as social network, online games and online videos. The intelligent manufacturing public cloud is a new industry that is yet to be developed.

Zhao Ting, president of the QNet Open Data Industrial Park, said the park will become an important data source for the district’s big data applications to serve the district, Shanghai and the whole country.

QNet and have been working together to provide solutions according to the district’s needs for the production informatization. Also, the two will focus on the industrial internet and empower the industrial upgrade and innovation, facilitate the formation of the industrial innovation ecology, and build itself into a demonstration base of the industrial internet with Songjiang District.