Seminar on calligraphy legend Dong held in Songjiang

More than 80 Chinese and foreign scholars visited the Dong Qichang Calligraphy and Painting Museum and took part in a seminar afterwards at Zuibaichi Park, Songjiang District, yesterday.

Dong Qichang (1555-1636), a Songjiang painter and calligrapher as well as a senior official in the Ming Dynasty, has produced works that have influenced many others who came after him.

The idea of “the study of Dong” was brought up at the seminar by Ling Lizhong, director researcher of calligraphy and painting of Shanghai Museum.

“Dong has a high status in Chinese art history and there are already 55 professional theses in the world on his works,” Ling said.

“The research will start with his art works and then expand to other perspectives; the current research outcome will be the basis for subsequent learning, too,” he added.

Celia Carrington Riely, a Harvard PhD focusing on Dong research, was surprised at the progress made in such a research area. “I came to Songjiang for the very first time in 1986 and there was nothing I could see of Dong unless I filed for an application, but now a lot has changed.”

Some suggested efforts be made towards bringing more of Dong’s original works to display on a regular basis.