Songjiang culture is alive and thriving

A series of exhibitions and events held recently reveal that Songjiang culture, honored as “the root of Shanghai”, is robust and influential.

An exhibition featuring more than 140 pieces of calligraphy by ancient as well as modern Songjiang artists was launched in Beijing last October at the National Art Museum of China.

It showcased Songjiang’s calligraphy cultural tradition that has lasted for more than 1,700 years and attracted many visitors.

In late December, the Shanghai Museum also unveiled an exhibition for Songjiang master painter Dong Qichang (1555-1636), boasting the most complete collection of his artworks. It offered a window to trace Southern China or Jiangnan culture.

Over the past decade, the suburban district has been investing in the construction of local cultural brands, including Guangfulin Heritage Park, Duoyun Bookstore and a new cultural activity center that is set to open next year.

A three-year construction plan that includes film industry development will add a new piece to the district’s cultural map.