6 major G60 Sic-tech Corridor projects under construction

Construction for six 10-billion yuan (US$1.45 billion)-level projects in the G60 Sic-tech Corridor are under way, some of which are set to finish by the end of 2019.

Shanghai Guoneng NEV Base, with an investment of 20 billion yuan, launched the construction process last November and is estimated to wrap some of them up for tests this October.

The aim is to build a global demonstration project that integrates new energy car technology, smart roads and connected cars.

CHiNT Smart Power Harbor, one of the projects, is, however, in the main-body construction phase. “More than 300 workers are busy on the site every day,” said Gao Feng, project manager of the construction unit, Shanghai Zhongjing Construction Group.

The rest of the projects, including Haier Smart Valley and Shanghai Advanced Silicon Technology, are also taking shape well.

Together they will boost the region’s industry upgrade with greater competence and influence.

The district has also stepped up to serve the corridor projects. Administrative procedure for enterprises to register and get approval from relevant departments has been greatly simplified to speed up the process.

Over the years, the value of the corridor’s industrial fixed assets has grown from 5 billion yuan in 2016, when it was first built, to 13 billion yuan last year.