Songjiang adopts a one-store-one-file cloud filing and management system

Stores in Songjiang now all have their own files of information, making the urban management process easier, thanks to a cloud filing and management system officially introduced in the district in May.

In the past, the local urban management department was often confronted with troubles in finding the complete information about a store or tracking down its operation process. The newly introduced platform is able to root out the cause of the problem.

Now, each store has a file containing complete information about it, such as when it’s opened, who’s the legal person, how it operates and whether it has a history of illegal practice.

Also, all store owners will be timely apprised of any new regulations related to their daily operation, thus avoiding arguments that might arise when they face punishment for breaking the new rules.

After the introduction of the new one-store-one-file management system, many store owners have come to relevant authorities and inquired about details of implementation of related regulations, such as how to apply for a shop sign.

The basic information about all street-side shops was collected from February to May this year.

In early June, the urban management officials were able to spot and rectify several noise pollution cases during the College Entrance Exam period by using the database on the cloud management system.

The practice is an improvement for the city’s refined urban management. It will continue to be updated and the data will later be shared with other governmental departments.