Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden welcomes 10 blue peachicks

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden has just received 10 blue peachicks from Shanghai Dazhong International Conference Center to accompany the two blue peafowls already living at the garden for several years.

The new chicks will increase the peahen’s pregnancy rate in the garden in the future and are expected to attract more visitors.

It is estimated that these one-month-old peachicks will be ready to meet the visitors together with the adult peafowls in two weeks. To ensure the peafowls can safely spend the summer, the garden will put up fences to keep off predators at night.

The blue peafowl, or Indian peafowl, is a large bird with bright colors and a wing span of 130 to 160 centimeters. Native to South Asia, it lives mainly on the ground in open forest or on land where they forage for berries, grains, but also prey on snakes, lizards, and small rodents.