Songjiang promotes local intangible cultural heritages among students

An activity to promote awareness and protection of intangible cultural heritages was held in Shanghai University of Engineering Science recently.

Curator Lu Chunbiao from Songjiang Culture Museum was invited to give an introduction on the intangible cultural heritages in the district.

Cultural inheritors for Gu-style embroidery and Shanghai-style paper cutting also demonstrated their skills at the site.

Students got some hand-on experiences on how to make bamboo crafts and dough figurines.

Songjiang has been carrying out the intangible cultural heritage publicity campaign in the district for the past decade. It encourages each school to engage in the activities of promoting one specific local cultural heritage.

In 2016, Shanghai University of Engineering Science signed an agreement with the district’s culture department for cultural inheritors to give lectures to students on local intangible cultural heritages. The lectures on Gu-style embroidery, for instance, have attracted many students’ interest and participation.