Songjiang starts to compile first blue book on intangible cultural heritages

Songjiang has started compilation of the district’s first blue book on intangible cultural heritages and set goals for their future protection and inheritance.

Scholars and experts working in the field have been invited to map out the general positioning and preparation from different angles, so as to produce a strategic report that highlights local features and long-term development.

The report should provide a comprehensive view in the field and help bring the local intangible cultural heritages back to common people, said Professor Chen Qinjian from East China Normal University.

Multiple suggestions were given on how to take full advantage of the relics. Vice President Zhang Tong from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts suggested the integration of the intangible cultural heritages with local tourism.

The blue book is part of the district’s three-year project to preserve and publicize its history and culture.

Songjiang now houses 36 intangible cultural heritages at nation, city and district levels. As Shanghai is building its cultural brand, Songjiang, which boasts of more than 1,000 years of history and rich folk culture, is bound to make its due contributions.