G60 Sci-tech Corridor issues a new map of integrated development

The G60 Sci-tech Corridor in Songjiang District released a new map joining nine cities in the Yangtze River Delta region for coordinated development in the future, according to a joint meeting held recently. 

Based on the expanding high-speed railway network, the integrating process, which started two years ago, has now connected nine cities in the region, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Suzhou and Hefei.

The union aims for an innovation-driven development and advanced manufacturing with the G60 Sci-tech Corridor as the central platform. The Corridor has already set up more than 100 high-tech enterprises as well as research institutes like G60 Yangtze River Delta Research Institute and Shanghai Low-carbon Technology Research Institute.

However, the cooperation will not be limited to the Corridor. Industrial parks in these cities will work together more frequently to tap into innovation resources and upgrade product quality and build up brand influence.

Companies in one park might open new branches in other parks so as to optimize utilization of different resources in the market.

The Hefei-based CSG Robotics, a leading smart industrial solution provider in China, has joined hands with Fudan University to set up an intelligent robot research institute in Dongjing, which will develop robotics for health services and smart diagnosis.

With leading enterprises like Haier, Foxconn and Younyon steering the growth in the Corridor, an industrial cluster will soon take shape in near future.