Songjiang is building the world’s longest industrial porch

Songjiang Lingang Sci-tech Park is building the world’s longest industrial porch.

The structure, named Rafael Cloud Porch and designed by world famous architect Rafael Vinoly, extends 1,500 meters.

It is a complex consisting of 22 buildings that are 80 meters high, connected by corridors, fountains, cafes and greening settings while each rooftop has a garden and is installed with photovoltaic panels. Viewed from afar, the top is like a large piece of floating cloud.

Now, construction of the main structures of the 10 buildings in the first phase has already capped off and the buildings will be put into use next year.

Designs on the complex are quite challenging and many have never been realized before. Plenty of experiments were carried out to see the structure’s performance in different weather conditions like storms and snow before their designs were finalized.

A highlight of the architecture is the 150,000-square-meter roof, roughly an area of 20 football fields. Shaped like waves, it weighs 14,000 tons and is mounted to the top in whole piece, making it the largest aluminum structure rooftop in the world.

“It will also serve as a huge LED sky screen to publish information in science, technology and fashion,” introduced a project director.

The project reflects the concepts of renewable energy, sponge city and BIM smart management.

The structure will become a base for mainly emerging hi-tech enterprises and corporate headquarters in the future.