Sheshan’s first recycling cabin a successful move in environment protection

Sheshan’s first recycling cabin started running in December last year and is now attracting more residents to engage in environment protection activities.

Over the past two months, the cabin was able to collect an average of more than 1,900 kilograms of waste products and materials every day.

The materials retrieved include paper boards, plastic, wood and used home appliances, all of which can be dissembled into parts or burned as fuel.

People save up the disposed packaging materials from the used-up housewares like laundry detergent or ingredient containers and trade at the cabin, where the prices are clearly specified.

In this way, residents get rewarded and the environment management improves.

It has drawn young people as well to raise awareness for maintaining a clean and comfortable residential community environment.

This year, Sheshan plans to set up five such cabins, 10 recycle stations and five networks to expand coverage for resources recycling work.