Mayor: Shanghai supports industry of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles

Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong met Kai Johan Jiang, CEO of National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, on Friday.

Ying said Shanghai is working hard to build itself into an economic, financial and trade center, and also a technology and innovation center. The city is building its modernized service industry and emerging industries based on advanced manufacturing, such as automobile, biomedicine, and information industry.

Shanghai has gathered many high-end professionals and formed industrial chain in the automobile industry. The city welcomes and supports new energy and intelligent connected vehicles industry. And the city will work hard to create a fair, law-abiding, internationalized, and convenient environment for all players in the market.

Jiang said the automobile industry is undergoing electrification, intelligentization, and sharing. NEVS will keep up with the trend and use its advantages to produce high-end electrombiles, and build global leading new energy automobiles.

Also on Friday, Songjiang District Government, NEVS, GRS Ventures, and Shanghai TJ Innova Engineering and Technology CO Ltd signed an investment cooperation agreement, which stipulates that an automobile industry chain, including research and development, production, testing, and sales, will be set up at G60 Science and Technology Valley in Songjiang with an estimated investment exceeding 20 billion yuan (US$3.18 billion).