Songjiang opens the sixth suburban park in the city

Guangfulin Suburban Park in Songjiang opens to the public today, becoming the sixth suburban park in the city after Qingxi, Changxing Island, Langxia, Pujiang and Jiabei.

Covering an area of four square kilometers, the new park is located to the south of Sheshan National Forest Park, sitting next to the Guangfulin relics.

Based on its agricultural ecological sceneries, it features activities in vegetable and fruit picking, sightseeing in the wetland and fishing villages and camping. Cultural exhibitions will be held from time to time in the park as well.

The park will focus on integrating ecology and leisure with local relics, which is different from Chenshan Botanical Garden and Happy Valley.

The park is now open for free. Visitors can make reservations on the official WeChat account to obtain a QR code or bring along their ID for admission to the park.