Songjiang ancient silk tapestry appears in TV documentary

Lotus Pond and Ducks, an ancient silk tapestry produced in Songjiang and now one of the prides of the Shanghai Museum, appears in a recent China Central TV documentary.

The107.5 x 108.8 cm tapestry was created with the unique kesi technique, which dates back more than 800 years ago to the Song Dynasty (960–1279). Colored silk threads were sewed on the tapestry to show a vivid picture of natural landscapes or folk patterns. 

Featuring exquisite design, large size and exceptional skills, the masterpiece was handwoven by Zhu Kerou, a female artist of the Song Dynasty.

The tapestry depicts ducks and egrets either swimming in a lotus pond or resting on the shore. After so many years, the color of the product still remains today fresh and vivid.