‘Surgical Theater’ provides VR support for doctor training project

Songjiang-based GDI Digital Technology Co Ltd has signed an agreement with DeepQ Health to offer virtual reality support for a doctor training project.

Named “Surgical Theater,” it consists of medical artificial intelligence and medical virtual reality that aim to better prepare doctors in performing craniocerebral operations, said Zheng Zhiwei, director of the project.

To meet the demands, GDI provides overall solutions for medical VR classroom, academic conference training and simulated operation training.

The product features genuine medical imaging data and provides almost real operation settings, which helps the doctors in getting familiar with the structure and the procedures as well as improving on the precision.

“The cooperation marks a good start,” said a director at GDI, “we will further expand VR in the medical sector with innovation.”

The company also plans to develop medical VR products related to human anatomy, ICU care and general practice.