Songjiang now boasts more green walks and landscapes

Songjiang has built 13.2 kilometers of green walks this year as a part of its environmental infrastructure improvement project.

“We chose Jiuke Lvzhou, Wujiabang green land, Youdun Harbor, Jiasong Road S. and Kunxiu Lake wetland park to extend the green area and they are set to improve the ecological environment and bring local people closer to the nature,” said a worker with the district greening authorities.

The green walks were expanded or transformed from the existing ones.

A crackdown campaign on the illegal buildings in Jiuke Lvzhou and Wujiabang green land made way for 3.9 kilometers and 2.5 kilometers respectively of the path.

These walks now meander through beautiful landscapes with trees, lawns, streams and bridges.

Kunxiu Lake on the other hand, features aquatic plants, fruit trees and several flower-themed parks.