Students in Songjiang to perform dragon dance at school sports meet

Students in Yexie, Songjiang are going to perform dragon dance, a local intangible cultural heritage, at the opening ceremony of a school sports meet.  

Yexie School is the only school in Shanghai that keeps a student dragon dance team. The young performers have often participated in district and city shows and won many awards.

Since 2012, the school has compiled textbooks for the dance feature course, in an effort for students to read about the origin and legends of the tradition.

When the dance team was first set up, the school also hired craftsmen to make adaptions to the dragon props, so as to make them easier for students to operate.

Yexie dragon dance can be traced back to Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). Originally it was a ritual for people to pray for a moderate weather suitable for agricultural production. In 2008 it was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.