First integrated charging station for electric vehicles opens in Songjiang

Shanghai’s first integrated electric vehicle charging station has been put to use in Songjiang.

The 1,000-square-meter station has 44 solar power photovoltaic boards working on the roof to supply for the 12 charging poles here.

They can generate 100 kilowatt-hours on a daily basis, enough for three vehicles to be fully charged. The extra power will go to a power storage system.

In case of overcast or rainy days or when the station is crowded, the station can switch to the city power grid to meet the demand.

Liu Lian, a worker at the station, said that the charging poles are compatible with any kind of mainstream EVs manufactured after 2015.

Currently a car might take 2-3 hours to be fully charged, she said. The charging price will be the same as the municipal power pricing. Users can buy a charging card at the State Grid or download the official app “e Chong Dian” to pay.

As the city pushing hard for green energy, charging has become a problem for the ever-growing number EVs in the streets. Songjiang’s charging station could serve as a solution.