First sale for rights to new rice strain

The rights to an early season rice strain developed in Songjiang and named “Songzaoxiang No.1” were sold for 180,000 yuan (US$27,054) last week. It was the first step in local rice research being turned into capital.

The variety, raised by the district’s agricultural technology promotion center, is protected by intellectual property rights and its branding and marketing are managed by agricultural co-ops.

Songjiang rice is stable, productive and resistant to plant diseases. After research and careful cultivation, its cooking texture has proved to be popular in the market. It has been registered with a national geographical mark.

“Songzaoxiang No. 1” passed relevant assessments in 2014 and is supplied exclusively by the Songjiang rice market. It led the municipal rice competition last year.

After the rights transfer, the seed supply, soil selection, subsequent process and sales will be subject to standards to guarantee product quality.