High quality rice crop ready for market

Songjiang Rice, the only rice grown in Shanghai with national Geographical Indication (GI) status since 2014, will sell at market on September 15 after harvesting and processing.

The rice smells fresh, is soft and glutinous when cooked and has a natural, light sweetness. The quality seeds are the key, said a worker with the district agricultural department.

The seeds used to propagate Songjiang rice are carefully selected and cultivated while the irrigation water is sourced from the origins of the Huangpu River. The fertile soil where it's grown is 8-10cm thicker than normal and adds merit to the crop.

The district government has now included rice-growing as an important event on its work agenda. The annual production output has reached 6,600 hectares and the government is actively extending the industry value chain.

Rice growing in Songjiang dates back 5,000 years with grains found in Guangfulin, a Neolithic Age heritage area.