Meteor shower awaits campers on Sheshan Hill

Camping activities will take place on Sheshan Hill in Songjiang every Saturday night from August 12 to September 23.

Campers have a chance to observe Perseus meteor shower from July 17 to August 24. It is one of the biggest spectacles for stargazers in the Northern Hemispheres. “The shower may reach 150 meteorites per hour at most and should not be missed,” said a Shanghai astronomer.

The best time to observe this year’s meteor shower is around 10pm on August 12 to 10:30am the next day. The event organizer will provide telescopes but participants need to rent a tent at 380 yuan (US$57) or pay 280 yuan if they bring their own tents.

Shanghai Astronomy Museum on Sheshan Hill is holding an exhibition of meteor showers. The Cygnus meteor shower, for example, will reach its peak on August 18.