Consumers can get support from 471 agencies in Songjiang

Songjiang has 471 consumer protection agencies at markets, shopping malls, companies, schools and tourist spots to solve problems for consumers.

Workers at these agencies all received some training and a license before serving people.

“We help settle disputes about anything, from accidental injury in a supermarket to the quality of frozen buns. We try to solve the problem as soon as possible,” said Xu Yincao, an agency worker at RT-Mart Songjiang.

Her agency has eight workers. They answer questions from customers and provide product change and refunding services.

The agency at Kaiyuan Med Shopping Mall is a model in the district and keeps a good record of complaints and treatment details. Its workers would make a follow-up call on those who made a complaint to improve services.

“Consumers can dial 12315, 12345 or 12331 to report problems if they feel their rights are violated,” said an official with the Songjiang District Market Administration.