Smart Electric Port attracts companies to Songjiang

CHINT-TUS Technology Development Co Ltd, a joint venture between CHINT Electrics Co Ltd and TUS-City Group, was founded yesterday in Songjiang G60 Sci-Tech Corridor.

Innolux Corporation, Shanghai Topower New Energy Co Ltd, and a batch of other companies also signed contracts recently to move to G60 Sci-Tech Corridor, a cluster of high-tech parks along Expressway G60 in Songjiang.

They are all attracted by the Smart Electric Port project in the corridor, which has 100 hectares of land for companies in smart power supply, industrial automation, clean energy, and intelligent manufacturing industries.

TUS-City Group is a science park management company under Tsinghua University in Beijing. It hopes the joint-venture company will provide a platform for popularization of smart microgrids and form a supply chain for the sector.

CHINT Electrics is the largest manufacturer and seller of low-voltage electrical products in China. It is a subsidiary of CHINT Group.

CHINT-TUS Technology Development Co Ltd will cooperate with TUS Robotics and Siemens Center Shanghai in intelligent manufacturing.