Painless relief for patients in Tibet region’s Tingri

Huang Xiaogang, a Songjiang doctor assisting Tingri County in the Tibet Autonomous Region, recently carried

Sprucing up Songjiang neighborhood

A renovation project targeting old houses that received a total of 350 million yuan (US$54.85 million)

Billions for local projects in 2022

Songjiang New City will launch 143 key city- and district-level projects in 2022 with total investment

‘Red Culture’ set in paper-cutting

Just a pair of scissors and piece of paper are all that’s needed to create picturesque depictions

Rare visitor to botanical garden

A Eurasian teal with brown feathers was recently spotted at Chenshan Botanical Garden’s East Lake

Pawnshop morphs into bookstore

Xu’s pawnshop at 368 Zhongshan Road W. is the only ancient pawnshop in Songjiang that has stood

Chinese water deer science museum opens

A Chinese water deer science museum in Yexie Town of Songjiang District opened to the public recently,

Gu Dashen exhibition to become a permanent fixture

A life exhibition of Gu Dashen (1620-1674), a scholar, poet, artist and irrigation official in Songjiang

Cosmetics sector to get group standard on carbon neutral plants

A group standard on carbon neutral plants in China's cosmetics industry is being drafted. The first

Songjiang INCITY opens to huge crowds, fast sales

Songjiang INCITY had received 1.05 million customers and reaped sales revenue of 128 million yuan (US$20.1