Sheshan summer carnival season starts

The Shanghai Happy Valley in Songjiang District will host about 60 performances including samba and tap

Traditional snack protected as intangible cultural heritage

Workers are busy making Liu’s Crunchy Candy in Xiaokunshang, Songjiang District. The candy is a

US cancer treatment firm to open outlet in Songjiang

Provision Healthcare, an US cancer treatment center, signed an agreement with Shanghai No. 1 People’s

High-tech park fosters scientific instrument sector

Two analytical instrument enterprises, Shanghai Yierling Environment Engineering Co Ltd and Tokyokeiso

Six-day feast for Songjiang film fans

Ten films from China, USA, Australia, Belarus, Austria and Macedonia will be shown in the theater of

Songjiang conducts subway emergency drill

An emergency drill was conducted recently at Songjiang South Station of Metro Line 9 to test people’s

Go for cool splash at Playa Maya Water Park

Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park in Songjiang District will start trial operation this Friday and provide

Dragon boat race on Huating Lake attracts 16 teams

Sixteen dragon boat teams from the mainland and Taiwan competed in a rowing race on Huating Lake in Songjiang

Songjiang gets tough on unpaid traffic fines

Shanghai drivers who fail to pay fines for traffic violations on time could be forced to pay by court

Embroidery class keeps tradition alive

Qian Yuefang, a master artist skilled in the Gu-style of embroidery, is invited to teach in a workshop