Songjiang seeks approval for comprehensive bonded zone

Songjiang Export Processing Zone is pushing for industrial upgrade and has applied for a comprehensive

Floating cranes removed from Huangpu River in Songjiang

The last floating crane on the Huangpu River in Songjiang was dismantled last week, 10 days ahead of

Schools attached to universities will start classes in autumn

Two more universities will unveil their newly-built affiliated schools in Songjiang before the autumn

Songjiang closes old factories, saves land for greenery

Songjiang performed well in industrial restructuring last year, according to a review by the municipal

Smart Electric Port attracts companies to Songjiang

CHINT-TUS Technology Development Co Ltd, a joint venture between CHINT Electrics Co Ltd and TUS-City

Thousands affected as Metro Line 9 stopped by power failure

A power breakdown on Metro Line 9 delayed trains running between Songjiang South Railway Station and

Artwork of Mother Nature

The 20-hectare peach farm run by Tiantian Fruit Co-op in Songjiang is a ravishing sight with pink blossoms

Work underway to expand TUS-Caohejing Science Park

TUS-Caohejing Science Park, the biggest of innovation parks along Songjiang G60 Sci-tech Corridor, launched

e-Housekeeper a nominee for Shanghai’s top 10 social innovations

Nominees for Shanghai’s top 10 social innovation projects were announced last week after a preliminary

Dongjing Town emerging as robot production center

An innovation base is taking shape in Dongjing Town, Songjiang District, after CSG Smart Science & Technology