Pastoral art festival adds cultural ethos to rural life

The 2nd Maogang Town Pastoral Art Festival took place in Huangqiao Village, Maogang Town of Songjiang

Handicraft industry exposition park opens in Songjiang

A handicraft industry exposition park opened in Songjiang on October 25. The opening ceremony also witnessed

Experts studying herbs to treat COVID-19

Local experts are working on herbal remedies to treat COVID-19, Hu Yonghong, chairman of the International

Chrysanthemum tourism season set to kick off

This year’s chrysanthemum tourism season will be unveiled at Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park in Songjiang

Exhibition reintroduces ancient Chinese art form

An art exhibition in Songjiang is reintroducing an ancient Chinese way of painting, namely decorating

Breakfast on the go at Caohejing zone with mobile food truck

A mobile food truck dispatched by Songjiang quick-frozen dim sum manufacturer Babi Food debuted in the

Three entrepreneurs cope with blind alleys in toy-art startup

The “blind box,” known as manghe in China, has become a popular fad and even a career

Innovation hub to cultivate global talents

Shanghai International Studies University and Songjiang District launched a global communication innovation

Chedun promotes national census with block prints

A promotion of the 7th national census in China in the form of Chedun silkscreen block prints is

October holidays boost consumption, sales in Songjiang

The total sales amount of 35 monitored companies in Songjiang District from September 24 to October 8