Electricity, water and gas

Public utility services have been expanding. In 2010, Songjiang’s electricity consumption reached 7.729 billion kilowatt hours, rising 17.9% from 2009. The power supply for industrial enterprises rose 18% to 5.183 billion kilowatt hours, and power supply for residential purposes jumped 22.7% to 102.7 billion kilowatt hours. Water supply reached 114.5 million tons, including 54.98 million tons for households. The daily tap water supply reached 553,000 cubic meters. By the end of 2010, there were 458,900 households using liquefied natural gas, up 8.2% from the previous year, and natural gas consumption soared 28.9% to 140.2 million cubic meters.

Information technology

The application of IT keeps expanding in Songjiang. A government portal was set up to integrate resources, and the district was among the first to test the integration of industrial and financial services. Eleven units including Zhongshan Sub-district and Yexie Town have been included on the government website platform. Training for rural areas had been put forward, providing training for 1,649 people. Webpages for 103 villages had been set up, covering almost all the district’s villages.