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Registration approval of foreign-invested enterprises

It is based on the Law on Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures; Law on Foreign-invested Enterprises; the Regulation and Guidance for Foreign Investors; and the Industry Index for Foreign Investment

Application procedure:

1. Application letter for enterprise registration.

2. Identification documents or registration certificates of all foreign investors (copy).

3. Credibility letters of investors.

4. Certification document issued by Chinese embassy or consulate to the concerned foreign country or region (copy).

5. Notarized certificate issued by the local notary organization (the authority will check the original document and take the copy).

6. Identification certificate of legal representatives of investors (copy).

7. Feasibility study report signed by legal representatives of investors to set up the foreign-invested enterprise.

8. Contract signed by investors to set up the foreign-invested enterprise (foreign investors don’t have to provide the contract)

9. Articles of the foreign-invested enterprises signed by investors.

10. Office rental contract and the lessor’s property ownership certificate (copy).

11. The lessor’s registration certificate (copy).

12. Identification documents of all board members of the foreign-invested enterprise (copy).

13. Letters of assignments signed by legal representatives of investors to set up the board of the enterprise.

14. Name list of members of the board.

15. Approval of the name of the enterprise issued by industry and commerce administration (copy).

16. Letter of assignments signed by legal representatives of investors to set up the supervisory board of the enterprise.

17. Identification documents of members of the supervisory board of the enterprise (copy).

18. Power of attorney for delivery of legal documents.

19. Approval certificate of environmental impact assessment.

20. Documents of state-owned assets valuation if required.

21. Any other documents required by the approval authorities.

(The applicants shall hand in both the original document and copy of all the documents above or two copies if only a copy is required. Documents signed by a non-legal representative shall be handed in with the power of attorney signed by the legal representative.)

Duration: Five working days and one working day for applying to get the certificate

Address: Window 47, Enterprise Service Center, 69 Wencheng Road

Tel: 6773 6041