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Deputy Director Wang Chao


Wang Chao, male, Lahu Chinese, born in June 1967, a native of Zhenyuan, Yunan Province, a CPC member and a postgraduate of Party School of the CPC Central Committee. He started work in August 1988 and is now deputy director of Songjiang and a member of the Party Leading Group of Songjiang Government and vice chairman of the CPPCC Xishaungbanna Committee.

Wang used to be director of the Political Office, deputy director, director of the Political Department, deputy Party secretary and executive deputy director of Xishuangbannan Public Security Bureau, deputy director of Xishuangbanna Forestry Bureau, director and supervisor of Xishuangbanna Forest Public Security Bureau and vice chairman of the CPPCC Xishangbanna Committee.

Division of Work

Assistance to the district director.