GovernmentThe Governor

Deputy Director Chen Xiaofeng


Chen Xiaofeng, male, born in December 1968, Han Chinese, a native of Shanghai, CPC member. He started work in July, 1987. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Party School of the CPC Central Committee and an EMBA degree. He is now deputy director and a member of the Party Leading Group of Songjiang and director of Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone Administration and Songjiang Science and Technology Park Administration.

Chen used to be deputy secretary and secretary of Party Work Committee and office director of Zhongshan Sub-district and secretary of Party Work Committee of Zhongshan Community (Sub-district).

Division of Work

In charge of district’s Commerce Commission, Science and Technology Commission (Information Commission), Work Production Safety Bureau, Administrative Service Center, the Development Zone Administration and Development and Construction Co Ltd. Communication with the Customs, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Association of Industry and Commerce, Post Office, Songjiang Commerce Development Co Ltd, Shanghai Zhongliang Industry Co Ltd, Power Supply Company, Telecom, Mobile, Unicom and China Tower.