GovernmentThe Governor

Deputy Director Wang Weihua


Wang Weihua, female, born in April of 1969, Han Chinese and a native of Shanghai, CPC member. She started work in July, 1991. She is bachelor of Law and postgraduate of Party School of the CPC Central Committee and a first-grade middle school teacher. She is now deputy director of Songjiang and a member of the Songjiang District Government’s leading Party group.

Wang used to be deputy secretary and secretary of Hongqiao Community (Sub-district) Party Work Committee of Changning District and director of the Hongqiao Community Office, secretary of Party Work Committee of District Construction and Transportation Commission, Party secretary and director of district Commerce Commission, director of district Economy Commission, director of district Tourism Bureau, director of district Grain Bureau, director of district Investment Promotion Office and director of the function expansion office of Hongqiao and Zhongshan Park.

Division of Work

In charge of district’s Agricultural Commission, State Assets Commission, Civil Affairs Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Cooperation and Exchange Office, Work Committee on Children and Women and Disabled Persons’ Federation. Communications with the Military Office, Trade Union, the Communist Youth League district committee, Women's Federation, military, Charity Foundation, Red Cross and Meteorological Bureau.