GovernmentThe Governor

Deputy Director Long Wanli


Long Wanli, female, born in October 1969, Han Chinese from Changsha of Hunan Province, a member of China Democratic League. She started to work in July, 1995 and has a doctorate degree in Economics. She is now deputy director of Songjiang.

Long used to be the vice chairwoman of the CPPCC Qingpu Committee, director of Qingpu Foreign Economic Commission, director of China Democratic League Qingpu Committee and deputy director of Qingpu Economic Commission.

Division of Work

Songjiang Commission of Health and Family Planning, Education Bureau, Administration of Culture, Radio Broadcasting, Film and Television, Cultural Law Enforcement Team, Sport Bureau, History Record Office, Archive Bureau, Administration of Import and Export Processing Zone; keep in contact with Songjiang University Town Administration and Songjiang branch of Shanghai General Hospital.