1Which documentations are required for financial registration?

When a newly incorporated enterprise applies for its initial financial registration after it has obtained its business license and completed its taxation registration, it must submit to the local financial authority at the same administrative level with the taxation authority in charge a filled-out application form for financial registration together with its certificate of approval for incorporation, business license (duplicate), photocopies of incorporation contract and articles of association, certificate of taxation registration (duplicate), and its certificate of business code.
Q: I'm a foreigner, and many of us want to go to China to work, so we want to know if there are any prerequisites and what kind of policies does Chinese government have.
A: According to the governmental regulations, any foreigner seeking employment in China shall meet the following conditions: (1) between the age of 18 and 60 for male, and between 18 and 55 for female; (2) in good health; (3) with professional skills and job experience required for the work of intended employment; (4) with no criminal record; (5) with a clearly-defined employer; (6) with valid passport or other international travel document in lieu of the passport.
Q: What kinds of foreigners are most needed in China?
A: China is a developing country that needs to bring in many foreign capitals during our developing. We also have much to learn from foreign advanced administrative theories and scientific technology. So Chinese government encourages foreign investment, especially in high-level technology and other advanced fields. Based on that fact, Chinese government welcomes those foreign investors, high-level administrators and technical staff to work in China.


2Is there any deadline for application for financial registration?

An FIE must apply for financial registration with the financial authority at the same administrative level with the taxation authority in charge within 30 days after the industrial and commercial authority has issued the business license with documentations including its certificate of industrial and commercial registration and certificate of taxation registration. The said financial authority shall complete the registration procedure within 15 days after accepting the application.

3What are the certificates and documents needed for a marriage registration?

Q: What are the certificates and documents needed for a marriage registration?
A: In applying for marriage registration, both parties shall bring their personal registered residence booklets or certificates of the registered residence, ID cards (and Social Security Cards, if applicable) and three 2-inch, color, bareheaded couple photos taken recently.
In applying for marriage registration, the marital status of any divorced party in his or her personal registered residence booklet or certificate of the registered residence shall be divorced.

4What are the conditions of a marriage registration?

Q: What are the conditions of a marriage registration?
A: Both parties of the marriage registration shall reach the legal age for marriage, namely, 22 for male and 20 for female. Both parties shall be of their own free will and have no spouse. There is no lineal descent or collateral consanguinity within three generations between both parties. Both parties are not considered unsuitable for marriage due to particular diseases. One party shall be a permanent resident in the district. Both parties shall go to the marriage registration authority in the place where one party’s permanent residence is located together to apply for marriage registration and shall not entrust an agent.

5After the reform of the Medicare system, how can retired personnel originally residing in Chinese mainland perform medical expenses reimbursement formalities when they return to Chinese mainland temporarily?

A: Those personnel who have not received their health insurance cards for the time being may apply to the health insurance office of the locality of their original units for reimbursement of the expenses incurred.

6Are overseas Chinese and residents from HK and Macao SARs allowed to buy commodity housing in Shanghai?

A: Overseas Chinese, Chinese nationals residing overseas, residents from HK and Macao SARs and foreigners are all allowed to buy commodity housing in Shanghai.