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A brief introduction of Foreign Language High School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University

Foreign Language High School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University is in the old town area of Songjiang District. It was set up in 1927, covering an area of 100 mu (or 66,700 square meters), with an elegant environment and complete teaching facilities. It is a modern school with profound humanities. There are 36 classes, more than 1,200 students and 159 faculty members. The school is an experimental demonstration high school in Songjiang District, a member of the Education Group of Shanghai Normal University, and a teaching and training base for outstanding teachers of Shanghai Normal University. It has been awarded as a civilized unit of Shanghai for 13 consecutive years. It is a demonstration school of code of conduct and one of the first batch of demonstration schools of bilingual teaching in the city. It’s also a garden unit, a safety unit, one of the city's top ten greening schools, and an international ecological school.

Its idea of running a school is “carrying out truth-seeking education, carrying out exquisite education, and running a school with characteristics.” The goal of education is to cultivate modern citizens with “Chinese spirit, world vision, and humanistic feelings.” The school adheres to the educational philosophy of “teaching culture and understanding, educating humanistic feelings,” and strives to become an “international cultural and ecological” school, aiming to set up a modern high school with foreign language characteristics, humanistic heritage, high quality and exquisiteness.

In order to effectively implement the school-running ideas and educational goals, the school put forward the overall strategy of development during the “13th Five-Year Period”: adhere to the “foreign language characteristics” and construct a school with “an international cultural ecology” to promote the construction of a high school with distinctive characteristics.