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A brief introduction of Shanghai Songjiang No. 2 High School

Shanghai Songjiang No. 2 High School, founded in 1904, is among the first batch of experimental high schools in Shanghai.

The school campus is full of flowers, green trees and beautiful scenery all year round. As a garden unit in Shanghai, the school has nearly 1,500 students, 172 faculty members. In recent years the school has seen one national model worker, six Shanghai model workers, 11 master teachers and 18 outstanding teachers of city level. Currently the school has five Shanghai master teachers, four district principal teachers, 18 district outstanding teachers and four district excellent new teachers. Twenty-eight teachers participated in the training for the “Reserve Headmasters of the Shanghai General Education System” in three phases. Seven teachers participated in the training for “Shanghai Excellent Education Youth Headmasters and Teachers” as reserve talent in two phases.

With the motto of “seeking truth, self-reliance and self-improvement”, the school carries forward the traditional philosophy of “cultivating talent for one hundred years or longer, carrying forward education with five aspects, building sound character, and promoting individuality”. The school has achieved remarkable results and won many awards in education and teaching. The school has been rated as a civilized unit in Shanghai for 18 consecutive times. In recent years, the school has practiced the concept of “cultivating talent, building solid foundations of education, promoting thinking and self-discipline”, and has made great progress and development with a focus on students' innovative quality cultivation and international cooperation. The school was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to implement the “Experimental Project of Innovative Quality Cultivation.” In the school, innovative laboratories of chemistry, biology and geography, and MATHS Creative Park have been established to train students with outstanding qualities of innovation, scientific spirit and humanistic heritage.

The school has cultivated nearly 50,000 high school graduates, and a large number of famous teachers and masters have emerged, including Feng Zikai, Lang Jingshan, Lu Weizhao, Wang Jisi, Xu Zhen’e, Shi Zhecun, Zhao Zukang, Zhu Wen, Yuan Jianqi, Sun Junren, Cheng Shifa, Sang Tong, Yang Jiwan, Yang Jike, Zhang Kenan, Ji Ruyun, Cao Ying, Ye Keming, Fu Congbin, Li Junru, etc. The school has conducted international exchanges with the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, and the Netherlands, and conducted international curriculum cooperation to continuously expand students' views and promote the all-round development of students.