1.Administrative duties.

1) Obliged to implement policies, guiding principles, laws and regulations for education issued by the National Education Bureau or Municipal Education Bureau of Shanghai, and to formulate measures for the implementation based on Songjiang District.

2) Responsible to formulate and carry out development programs and annual plans for the education of the whole district; to confirm developing emphasis of education, its scale, speed and procedures as well; and to guide and coordinate the implementation of education programs and plans.

3) Accountable to synthetically manage the work of preschool, primary, vocational-technical and adult education, and to supervise and evaluate the education across the district.

4) Obliged to map out and coordinately guide the synthetic reform of education system,school-running system and education; and to inspect and guide the work of moral education, sports and health, art education, legal education, science and national security education.

2. Contact information:

1) Address: No. 38, Middle Zhongshan Rd, Songjiang Distrtict.

2) Tel: 021-37736304

3) Supervisory Tel: 021-57813285

4) E-mail address: